Windows 7 Preparation

User Preparation


If you would like assistance preparing for Windows 7 or have any questions, please contact the Service Desk at x1111. We can assist with most of the preparations or schedule a time for a technican to meet with you in person.


Copy your documents


Only documents and files stored in My Documents and subfolders of My Documents will be migrated. Documents stored in other locations on your computer's hard drive need to be moved to the My Documents folder. Documents and files stored on network drives, e.g. H:/ drive or P:/ drive will not need to be moved.


Check your programs


The standard Windows 7 install will contain the following programs only:


- Acrobat Reader

- Adobe Flash Player

- Internet Explorer 7

- Firefox 4

- Office 2010

- LANDesk client


Make a list of any programs that aren't included above. These will need to be re-installed after the upgrade. If you have media for software, you will need to provide the original disks and licenses.

The current versions of most applications will run on Windows 7. If you are running an older application and are concerned about compatibility, you can check Microsoft's Windows 7 Compatibility Center.


Check your peripherals


Many users have additional peripherals attached to their computer. The most common are:

  • - Printers
  • - Scanners
  • - Web Camera's
  • - Backup drives


While standard and newer peripherals have been verified to work with Windows 7, some older or non-standard devices will not. We've noted that some scanners and many web cameras are not compatible with Windows 7. You'll need to check with the manufacturer to ensure your device will work with Windows 7. This can normally be accomplished by checking the manufacturers website.


Be prepared


The migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 can be a lengthy one. Depending on the amount of data on your computer, the migration can take two to four hours or more. When it comes time for the migration, you may want to make arrangements to work from another location or to have the migration done on a day when you are off campus.