Windows 7 on new Lenovo's

Announcing Windows 7 to be loaded on all NEW Lenovo computers!


Members of the DoIT and Purchasing teams have been working to develop a Creighton configuration for Windows 7 that is compatible with our enterprise systems including Banner, Advance, HR and others.  As part of this effort, a cross campus group made up of members from academic departments, administrative units, academic support, and DoIT have collaborated to identify and resolve incompatibilities with enterprise software (like Outlook) and applications (like the Nest).  A small but expanding group of PC users have been testing Windows 7 since last year.


We are happy to announce that this configuration will now be standard for all new Lenovo desktop and laptop purchases!   The 64-bit edition of Windows 7 will be loaded on all new Lenovo machines currently arriving on campus.  The "image" will include Microsoft Office 2010 and Symantec Antivirus.  In offices where specialized software or software version restrictions preclude the use of the new 64-bit Windows 7 configuration, please work with your Purchasing and/or DoIT representatives to coordinate the required solutions. 


Development of a plan for distribution of Windows 7 to computers currently running Windows XP will be phase II of this project.   As aging computers are scheduled for replacement, members of the support teams will work with recipients to determine the suitability of Windows 7 to their work needs.  Although it is hoped that Windows 7 will replace Windows XP on all computers delivered to campus, we realize that delivery to some of our clients, especially in some administrative offices, will be delayed indefinitely pending resolution of software version compatibility issues.


Look for additional communication from DoIT as phase II is further defined.


Windows 7 tutorials can be found on the BlueTrain website:


General information about Windows 7 can be found at:


If you have questions, please contact the Service Desk at 402-280-1111 or your Purchasing representative.