Previous Winners

Recent Winners of Prestigious National and International Scholarships and Fellowships


Anya Burkhardt - Goldwater Scholarship

Erin Cahill - DAAD Scholarship

Michael Davidson - Goldwater Scholarship

Brian Martens - Rhodes Scholarship Finalist


Danae Mercer - Davies Jackson Scholarship
Sarah Daley - Fulbright Scholarship to the Ukraine
Claire Climer - Fulbright to Ecuador
Anastasia Yanchilina - American Meteorological Society Scholarship
Adam Karnik - Goldwater Scholarship
Margaret McGlynn - Goldwater Scholarships AND USA Today 2009 All USA College Academic Third Team
Dathe Bennisan-Messan - USA Today 2009 All USA College Academic Third Team
Kristin Wakin - Goldwater Honorable Mention


Rajeev Anchan, Goldwater Scholarship
Katherine Garrett, Goldwater Scholarship
Natalie German, Goldwater Scholarship
Shawn Mann, Fulbright Scholarship to Mexico
Joshua Potter, Rhodes Scholarship Finalist
Anastasia Yanchilina, Goldwater Scholarship


Katherine Homans, Fulbright to Germany; DAAD to Germany

Melissa Olsen, Fulbright to Germany; DAAD to Germany

Carolyn Posey, Goldwater Scholarship, Honorable Mention

Nadia Sebastian, Goldwater Scholarship


Jennifer Larson, Goldwater Scholarship

Carl Maerz, DAAD Fellowship to study in Germany

Brittany Travers, NSF Graduate Fellowship, Honorable Mention


Gertrude Lee, Udall Scholarship

Laura Samson, Fulbright to Germany

Ryan Browne, William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose, finalist

Natalie Roxburgh, Marshall Scholarship, finalist

Melissa Wilson, National Science Foundation Scholarship Winner


Alaina M. Stedillie, Rhodes Scholarship, semi-finalist


Chun-Chi (David) Lin, Goldwater Scholarship

Matthew D. Vesely, Goldwater Scholarship

Jessica Heimes, Fulbright alternate