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Going Global

Going Global - Career and Employment Resources

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Going Global career and employment resources include world-wide job openings, internship listings, industry profiles and country-specific career information. More than 30,000 pages of constantly-updated content is included on topics such as: work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, cultural/interviewing advice, corporate profiles and worldwide job much more!  Visit the Global Forum to chat about living and working abroad!

Additionally, the USA City Career Guides contain career and employment resources for the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the USA. Included in this database are: job search resources, employment outlook, professional networking groups, cost of living information, major employer listings by industry sector, non-profits and volunteer opportunities. H-1B employer listings are also listed for all 50 states!

Going Global is brought to you by the John P. Fahey Career Center, the Reinert Alumni Memorial Library, and the Global Engagement Office.