Hiring Materials

Important information for supervisors and student workers

Creighton Policy:

Student workers are limited to an average of no more than 29 work hours per week in a calendar year.  If a student workes more than one campus job, the 29 hour limit applies to the combined total of hours. 

International students are limited by their VISA to no more than 20 hours of work per week, all jobs combined, during periods of enrollment.

Go here for more details.

Summer Employment

In order to be considered a student employee for summer employment, you need to be registered at least part time in the summer for credit granting courses, or have the intention to register at least part time in the following Fall  semester.


Hiring Materials for Creighton Students


  • PR2S_new online student employment action form.  Use Firefox or IE browsers.




Timesheet training for students and supervisors


Here are some helpful on-line tools for completing the MYHR online timesheet:


 Go here to read about some basic points of the new timekeeping system.

Job Skills Training

Job Skills training info for supervisors

This office is excited to announce that a series of student job skills training modules have recently been developed and are available for student employees through Creighton BlueLine. This will be a great tool to make your training process more comprehensive. You can direct your students to complete the modules during their job orientation process.

Currently there are 5 modules. More are in the works. Topics so far include:

  • Confidentiality
  • Customer Service
  • Dress Code/Attendance/Reporting work hours
  • Work Accuracy
  • Pre-Employment forms

The Course in BlueLine is called “Student Employment Job Skills training”.

You as the supervisor will be able to track which of your students have completed the on-line training. You will need an invitation from BlueLine directing you to register as “Instructional Assistant” for the course “Student Employment Job Skills Training”. You will not have any teaching duties; this step gives you access to the system so you can begin viewing your students’ training completion. If you would like an invitation or have questions about BlueLine Call 402-280-3428 or email cai@creighton.edu.

Job Skills training for students

If you would like to brush up on your job skills, you can self-enroll in the Student Employment Job Skills Training course on BlueLine.  https://blueline.instructure.com/enroll/KB8KFF

Children and Vulnerable Adults training


Creighton Office of Equity and Inclusion

Children and Vulnerable Adults training


Guidelines for hiring undergraduate research assistants.