Student Employee of the Year


Gabrielle Braden, Senior Arts and Sciences student, has been selected the Creighton Student Employee of the year.  Timothy Glick is her nominating supervisor.  Gabrielle has worked in the Health Sciences Library for the past 3 1/2 years.  She has recently been admitted to the Creighton School of Dentistry for 2016-17.

All nominees will receive a letter of commendation from Fr. Hendrickson.  Gabrielle will receive a $1000 scholarship at a luncheon in her honor.  Runners up Kelsey Croghan (Biomedical Sciences)  and Kalina Reichert (Pediatric Infectious Diseases)  will receive $250 scholarships.

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A special  "thank you" to all the supervisors who nominated these wonderful student workers.

Past Honorees

Past honorees and departments:

Danielle Aruda - School of Pharmacy HP  2015

Thomas Murdock -Internal Audit 2014

Xuhyll Ann Roman - Undergraduate Admissions 2013

Sheila Field - Student Support Services 2012

Elizabeth Boos - Fine and Performing Arts 2011

Joy Chaput – Career Center 2010

Jake Webb – Student Centers 2009

Carolyn Pfeifer – School of Medicine 2008

Kathryn Welsh – Residence Life 2006

Bettina Hamilton – Reinert Alumni Library 2005

Sean Kelly –Dept of Information Technology 2004

Leanne Vigue – School of Pharmacy HP 2003

De Ann Kaster – Athletics 2002

Mandi L. Johnson - Kiewit Hall 2001

Josh Capp – Information Technology 2000

Luke Pella - Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office 1999

Keith Baynes - Bone Metabolism 1998

Amy Melvin - Microbiology 1997

Len Tanaka - Pharmacy School 1996

Trina Fortunato - Campus Recreation 1995

Jennifer Oborny - Occupational Therapy 1994

Anne Cooley -Exercise Science 1993