Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year

Giana DevitoPlease join the office of Student Employment on congratulating Giana Devito, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, as Creighton University’s 2019 Student Employee of the Year.

Giana will receive a $1000 scholarship which will be presented at an upcoming luncheon in her honor. She was nominated by her supervisor Isaac Ortega in Residential Life. Runners-up Kole Runyan (Centralized Reservations) and Angie Ngo (SCSJ)will receive $250 scholarships.

Giana’s supervisors have this to say about her:

As a Lead Resident Advisor, Giana is directly responsible for the safety, security, development, and well-being of 30 residents and is the main point person for a house of 3 other RAs and 120 total residents. Giana plans and hosts a variety of programs addressing the six residential life competencies. As an RA, Giana also is consistently available to her residents to talk through life issues, class struggles, friendship conflicts, roommate conflicts and a variety of other things. Giana also serves on duty rotation, where she walks through Kiewit and Gallagher addressing any policy violation and safety concerns.

In her role as a Lead RA, Giana is not only responsible for her floor, but also for being a support system to 3 other RAs and their floors as well. Giana has continued to give more than any could ask of her to her residents and to the Kiewit community. I know that if I ask Giana to do something, she is going to do it and more often than not, exceed my expectations. Giana has a variety of responsibilities that I count on her to complete, such as rounds to ensure the safety and security of our residents, working with residents through difficult times and roommate conflicts, as well as a list of other things that help our community run smoothly.

"Giana is super kind and I feel like I could go to her with any problems that I had. She takes care of issues in a very timely manner." - Kiewit Resident

Quality/Quantity of Work:
The quality and quantity of Giana's work is most easily seen through her programming initiatives. For example, my expectation is to put on 6 programs for each semester. Last semester, Giana put on 10 programs! Not only did she put on a large amount of programs, but she was intentional with each program. She partnered with her fellow RAs, she brought in the VIP center, she brought in people from the Omaha community, to name just a few people she has incorporated into her programming. Through these programs she addressed a variety of issues including positive self-image, cancer awareness, and self-care. The programming that she provided for her residents is just a small piece of the amount of care that she shows her residents day in and day out. Even when her schedule was packed with student teaching, Giana still found a way to make time for her residents and help them through their transition into Creighton.

Giana has demonstrated consistent initiative throughout her time as an RA. She's always trying to programs and bringing new ideas to the table. One of the best examples is when she want to an RA conference and came back with a plethora of ideas. First of all, giving up a weekend to learn how to be a better RA shows not only initiative, but also a deep commitment to her residents. Second, she brought back a variety of ideas and has continuously incorporated them into her work. For example, she had went to a presentation about strengths and learned about how they could be categorized. She had received a list of her residents strengths, but then took it upon herself to organize this data into a format that helped her residents understand the larger picture of their strengths. The task was tedious, but Giana knew that this would create a more meaningful experience for her residents. Another example is, at the conference, she had participated in an activity that helped her understand the transferable skills that she gained as an RA. Following that, recreated the activity and facilitated the activity for the Kiewit student staff team. These and just small samples of the initiative that Giana has taken.

Professional Attitude:
Living where she works, Giana is constantly living in a fishbowl, where her residents see her all of the time. She consistently presents a professional attitude though everything she does. One of the best examples is whenever she is on duty. Sometimes she has to confront residents who are breaking policy, or who have made a poor decision. Giana has received recognition from other Resident Directors for the amount of care and compassion that she shows for residents during duty situations. Giana holds residents accountable, but also lets them know that she still cares about them, and she will always be there for them.

"She is really open and accepting to where I know I can talk to her about anything and she will help me work through it and not judge me." - Kiewit Resident

Interpersonal Skills:
Giana's interpersonal skills are probably her strongest asset. She has a welcoming personality that makes everybody know that they are important to her. She has been a great support not only for her residents but for the Kiewit Hall staff as well. She demonstrates great listening skills, and is excellent at helping people work through problems. She has also been an excellent resource in navigating roommate conflicts. Giana does an excellent job of listening to both sides of a conflict, and helping both sides come together to talk through issues and come out the other side in a better place.

"I love how committed she is to her residents, and how she manages to cultivate a relationship with each one." - Kiewit Resident

Final Comments:
Giana has been a fantastic asset these past two years. Everything that she does stems from a deep care and compassion for her residents. She is always willing to sit down with a resident and talk through things. She is intentional with her programs because she wants her residents to have the best experience. She continuously strives to be a better RA so that she can serve her residents better. This is what makes her such an excellent staff member and why she deserves to be recognized.

A special thank you to the 25 Creighton faculty and staff supervisors who took the time to write nominations for Student Employee of the Year.

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