Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year

Jack RobertsonPlease join the office of Student Employment on congratulating Jack Robertson, a senior in the Heider College of Business, as Creighton University’s 2018 Student Employee of the Year.

Jack will receive a $1000 scholarship which will be presented at an upcoming luncheon in his honor. He was nominated by his supervisors Lucas Novotny (Student Life) and Greg Durham (Campus Recreation). Runners up Lizzie Urbina (Student Life) and Nye Fong (RaD Lab) will receive $250 scholarships.

Jack’s supervisors have this to say about him:

As a Competitive Sports Supervisor – Jack is part of a team that is directly responsible for designing, directing and evaluating student staff trainings for over 130 student employees. Jack is a first responder to any and all emergencies during competitive sports programing, including but not limited to Intramural and Sport Club medical situations, facility issues and weather-related emergencies. Finally, Jack is required to have an intimate knowledge of all of our intramural sports rules, and a basic understanding of how to adequately officiate their related contests. Most importantly Jack is part of a team that provides a safe, fun and competitive environment for over 1,500 Creighton Students and university guests.

Jack is the most reliable student employee that I have on my team. He is always first to take extra shifts, and help out where he can. Jack has been a leader in Basketball Officials training, Flag Football officials training and Supervisor training for the past several years. I never have to worry about Jack misapplying a rule, policy or procedure when he is on his own. Jack has been known to step up and work shifts on his own when partners could not be found. In the two years I have known Jack, I have never had an issue with him missing a meeting, shift or event (required or optional). Knowing that Jack has been involved in several other University programs and departments, Jack’s reliability have never waivered.

Jack's reliability continues in his role in Creative Suite. He is abilities and ownership of his role as coordinator has been exemplarily. His seems project through to completion and has high responsibility for the whole suite. That is something that is very special.

Quality/Quantity of Work:
Jack is easily one of our most versatile supervisors and officials on staff. Jack has the ability to officiate all of our sports on a consistently high level. Most of his peers specialize in 1-2 sports and are average through the rest. Jack has taken the time to learn, grow and develop in all the sports. As a supervisor, this brings invaluable experience to the team as he is able to coach a much wider array of officials. Jack consistently works a large amount of hours for the Competitive Spots Program. Jack has worked over 70 hours from August 1st through February 22nd in his role as an official and Supervisor alone.

As was alluded to earlier, Jack takes tremendous initiative. Jack’s leadership on and off the field is unrivaled among his peers. Jack is usually the first to arrive at his shift, and the last to leave ensuring that everything has been set up and broken down properly. Jack has helped Competitive Sports Leadership identify gaps in the program and even provided solutions on how to fix them. When opportunities for leadership present themselves, Jack is always the first to volunteer due to his love of the program and desire to grow in his officiating prowess.

Professional Attitude:
Jack is highly professional in both of his roles and that is something that is a thread of this nomination.

Interpersonal Skills:
This is what Jack brings to the table that is uniquely Jack. As a Competitive Sports Supervisor, we deal with angry, frustrated and even disrespectful participants. We know that sports are highly emotional, and Jack often deals with students at the peak of the emotions. Jack has always been able to keep a level head and coolness about him. Jack is always able to hear what students have to say, allow them to vent their frustrations and even help educate participants on some of the nuances of officiating. Additionally, in his role in the Creative Suite Jack is able effectively our suites expectations, timelines and deadlines with Clients. More over, Jack is able to communicate our creative vision for creative work, which is often times difficult and a unique type of communication. Jack’s professionalism in the face of adversity, difficulty and emotion is something that we wish we could teach in all my students.

Final Comments:
What impresses us most about Jack Robertson is his ability to juggle academics, Creative Suite, and Competitive Sports Programming. He has done a beautiful job mixing all of his passions and turning them into Creighton experience that is unique to him, and that he truly enjoys. Jack has been tremendously successful in his time at Creighton, being nominated for and receiving several university awards. We appreciate the giant decision that you have to make in naming a recipient for this award.

A special thank you to the 50 Creighton faculty and staff supervisors who took the time to write nominations for Student Employee of the Year.

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