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Areas of Interest

  • Removal of architectual barriers students may face
    • SEN has strived to make Creighton's campus more appealing and accessible for all current and incoming students, faculty, and staff. We have created video clips that recognize the barriers students face and offer potential solutions. Currently we are creating a video with the help of Scott Grove and Mascot Productions, Inc. Together we are trying to facilitate positive change for all persons on campus.
  • Diversity
    • SEN, like Creighton University, believes that ethnic and cultural diversity are core values of Creighton. By serving for and with persons with disabilities, SEN strives to ensure justice in education while celebrating diversity that makes each Creighton student, staff, and faculty unique.
  • Disability discrimination
    • As an organization, SEN believes all students should have equal access to educational opportunities, programs and activities in the most integrated setting possible. SEN fosters an integrating vision of the world by addressing the need and right of all students to receive an education without discrimination
  • Community outreach
  • Improving understanding of disabilities
    • One of the goals of SEN is to increase the understanding among the student body regarding the nature of disability. This is accomplished through group collaborations, educational media, and campus-wide activities.
  • Barriers to learning
    • Barriers to learning can be obvious and/or invisible, environmental and/or psychological, etc. Through the use of creativity and critical thinking, members of SEN can identify these barriers and offer potential solutions.
  • And much, much more!