Past Kelly Lecture Speakers

Started in 1958, the Rev. William F. Kelley, S.J. ΑΣΝ Lecture Series and reception is an annual event hosted by the Creighton ΑΣΝ Alumni Club.  

The following list is a reverse chronological listing of past speakers from the Kelly, S.J. Lecture Series.


2013 ~ Ms. Betsy Fischer
NBC's Meet the Press Executive Director

2011 ~ Dr. John P. Curtin
A Physician's Reflection on Education:  Lifelong Learning

2010 ~ Dr. Dan Daly
Raising Children in a Health Environment:  How the Boys Town Experience Can Help Today's Parents

2009 ~ Rev. Don Doll, S.J.
Jesuit Refugee Service: The New Missionary Venture of the Society

2008 ~ Rev. David Schultenover, S.J.
Partnership in a Global Mission: What Would Ignatius Do?

2007 ~ Patricia Callone & Connie Kudlacek
Alzheimer's Disease: Nurture What Remains

2006 ~ Senator Chuck Hagel

2005 ~ E. Michael McCann, J.D.

2004 ~ Dennis N. Mihelich, Ph.D.
The Americanization of Jesuit Education

2003 ~ Rev. Kevin F. Burke, S.J.
Crisis at Kairos

2002 ~ Rev. Jim Hug, S.J.
An Ignatian Contemplation on the Two Standards

2001 ~ Ron Hansen
The Catholic Writer

2000 ~ Jerris Leonard, J.D.
A Catholic Conservative and Civil Rights

1999 ~ Mary Alice Williams

1997 ~ Rev. Walter J. Burghardt, S.J.

1996 ~ Rev. Paul C. Reinert, S.J.

1995 ~ Rev. John F. Kavanaugh, S.J.

1994 ~ Anthony Kennedy Shriver

1993 ~ Letitia Baldrige

1992 ~ Frank Mankiewicz

1991 ~ Rev. William B. Faherty, S.J.  (Historian, Mid-America)

1990 ~ Mildred Fay Jefferson, M.D. (Right to Life Protagonist)

1989 ~ Robert Keith Gray (CEO, Hill & Knowlton Public Affairs World Wide)

1988 ~ Herman Cain (President, Godfather's, Inc.)

1987 ~ Philip M. Klutznick, J.D.
Keeping an Eye on the Middle East

1986 ~ Vatican II Symposium: 20 years after

1985 ~ Rev. John Powell, S.J.
A Vision Through a New Life

1984 ~ Dr. Marlin Perkins (Wild Kingdom Naturalist)

1983 ~ Morris K. Udall (Second District, Arizona)

1982 ~ Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (Heart Surgery Pioneer)

1981 ~ Floyd M. Kalber (National News Commentator)

1980 ~ Congressman Henry J. Hyde (6th District, Illinois)

1979 ~ Honorable Yitzhak Rabin (Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States)

1978 ~ Patrick J. Lucey (United States Ambassador to Mexico)

1977 ~ Senator Mike Mansfield (U.S. Senator, U.S. Ambassador to Japan) 

1976 ~ James C. Keogh (Director, United States Information Agency)

1975 ~ Donald R. Keough (President, Coca-Cola)

1974 ~ Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge (United States Special Envoy to the Vatican)

1973 ~ William Warfield

1971 ~ Rt. Rev. Vincent J. McCauley, CSC (Bishop of Uganda, East Africa)

1969 ~ John A. Grounouski, Ph.D. (Former Postmaster General, U.S. Ambassador to Poland)

1968 ~ James H. Lorie, Ph.D. (Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago)

1967 ~ Charles S. Murphy (Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board)

1966 ~ Loretta Young (Actress)

1965 ~ Thomas J. Kiernan, Ph.D. (United States Ambassador to Ireland)

1964 ~ His Eminence Paul Cardinal Marella (Archpriest of Saint Peter's Basilica)

1963 ~ Edward R. Annis, M.D. (President-Elect, American Medical Association)

1962 ~ Honorable Harry S. Truman (32nd President of the United States)

1961 ~ William F. Buckley (National Review)

1959 ~ General Albert Coady Wedemeyer (United States Army)

1958 ~ Carlos P. Romulo (Republic of the Philippines to the United States)

1957 ~ Manlio Brosio (Italian Ambassador to the United States)

1956 ~ Don Jose Marua de Areilza (Count of Motrico, Spanish Ambassador to the United States)

1955 ~ Heinz L. Krekeler (German Ambassador to the United States)