Group Fitness

The Creighton University Group Fitness program strives to provide a variety of classes led by knowledgeable instructors who believe in a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  With such a wide range of classes there is something for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced exerciser.  It is our goal to assist you in achieving your healthy fitness goals. You can purchase a Group Fitness Membership here!

Spring Schedule

Spring Schedule

Instructor Profiles

Instructor Profiles


My experience as a group fitness instructor

Classes I teach

Mackenzie Devins


I have taught CU Cycling for a year and a half!


CU Cycling

Maggie Fleita

This is my first year as a group fitness instructor, but I have taught dance classes for five years!

Barre Intensity

Kwin Kunkle

I've been teaching yoga for three years!

Student, faculty and staff yoga

Kendall Lanning

This is my second year teaching Vinyasa Flow!

Vinyasa Flow

Joseph Lesnak

I have been teaching for one year!


Grace Myers

This is my third year teaching at Creighton!


Melissa Obermier

I have been teaching since 2008!

Body Pump, Barre Intensity

Precy Reese

I have experience in teaching over five different types of classes!

Body Pump, Kettleworx, Step Aerobics, Body Attack, Cycling

Ashley Ritter

I am a certified Spin Instructor! I have been participating in classes for five years.


Claire Schmidt


This is my first year as an instructor!


How much is a group fitness pass?

How much is a group fitness pass?








How to sign up for fitness classes using IM Leagues

How to sign up for fitness classes using IM Leagues


Go to  and log in through the school’s portal using your university credentials. Once logged in, click the link to IMLeagues so you can start signing up for sports/classes.                                            


How to sign up for a fitness class


1. Once you are on IMLeagues, click onto the Fitness tab in the top banner section (located right below the name of the school)

2. You can easily access your fitness home page by going to:

3. The current classes will be displayed on the calendar, use the filters to find the class you wish to join.

4. Click onto the individual session you want to sign up for, and then click the green “sign up” button on that page.

5. You can also invite your friends to fitness classes by typing in their email address (or their name if they already have an IMLeagues account) in the white bar area above the announcements section.