Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do full-time students automatically have memberships?  What about during the summer?

2) Do part-time students automatically have memberships?

3) What is the guest pass policy?  Can I buy a multiple passes at a discounted rate? 

4) Does it cost money to participate in Group Fitness or Intramural Sports?  '

5) How many laps around the track is a mile?

6) Can I stay in the KFC after closing time to take a shower?

7) How do I set up/use the fitness machines if I don't know how to operate them? Is there a class I can take to learn how to lift/train properly?

8) Where is room 135? 145? 148? 200?

9) Can I rent/reserve court space in the KFC? 

10) Can I rent/reserve the turf in the Rasmussen Center?

1) Full-time students (12+ credits undergraduate; 8+ credits graduate) receive access privileges automatically downloaded to their Creighton ID cards during the fall and spring semesters.  During the summer, full time students still receive access priveleges, as do students living on campus (Opus, Davis, or Heider). 

2) Beginning in January 2016, any part-time student (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled in 1 or more credit hours will automatically receive a membership. 

3) Only current Campus Recreation members (students, faculty/staff and alumni) may purchase guest passes for themselves and their guests.  All guests must be sponsored by a current Campus Recreation member. If a member sponsors a guest, then they themselves must stay in the facility with them and be responsible for them.  Guest pass cost is $8.00 for a single entrance into the facility.  Discounts are not available for purchasing multiple guest passes at a time.

4) Yes, your membership fee only pays for entry into the facility as well as towel and equipment check-out.  Other programs and services are subject to an additional cost.  Use the tabs to the left to learn more about our various programs and their prices.  You can register for additional programs in the main office during business hours (M-F; 8am - 5pm). 

5) Outside lane = 6.5 laps
Inside lane = 6.8 laps

6) We expect patrons to leave the building at closing time.  If you need to use the shower, please go to the showers before the building closes.

7) You can ask the 'Fitness Forum' attendant to help you use the machines.  We also offer a free orientation on our equipment by appointment.  To set up an appointment, please call Steve Woita at (402) 280 - 3261.

8) Room 135 is the multi-purpose room.  It is at court-level, to the north of Court D.  You must enter through the security desk to access the multi-purpose room. Rooms 145 and 148 are classrooms on court-level.  To access them, you must use the stairs on the east end of the building near the Campus Recreation main office.  Room 200 is the Fitness Forum (weight and cardio) area.  You must enter through the security desk to access room 200.

9) We do not reserve court space for basketball in the KFC.  For tennis, badminton, and volleyball, courts can be reserved for one hour per group. Courts must be reserved at least one business day in advance. We do not accept same day reservations. 
Creighton organizations or groups can reserve KFC spaces by contacting the Campus Recreation main office.  Non-affiliated groups or organizations should contact Bob Denney to inquire about rentals.  For rates and more information about rentals, please visit the "rentals" page using the tab on the left. 

10) We do not reserve the turf in the Rasmussen Center for any sports at this time.  Creighton organizations and groups, should contact Bob Denney to inquire about reservations for larger events.  We currently do not rent the Rasmussen Center to non-affiliated groups or organizations.