Below you will find the registration dates and times for our 2014-15 IM sports! Registration times and locations may vary.  Contact IM Sports for more information.

September 4: Ultimate (O), Kickball (C), Tennis Singles (M/W) , 2v2 Volleyball (O)

September 9: 4-person golf (O), Freshman Flag FB (M/W), Flag Football (M/W/C)

October 28: 6v6 Volleyball (M/W/C), 3v3 Basketball (M/W/C), Indoor Soccer (M/W).

January 15: Basketball (M/W/C)

January 22: Indoor Soccer (C), Dodgeball (O), Ping Pong (O), Racquetball (O), Wiffeball (O)

March 3: Outdoor Soccer (M/W/C)

March 17: Softball (M/W/C), 4v4 Flag Football (M/W/C), Tennis Doubles (O), 4v4 Volleyball (M/W/C)

April 13: 2-Person Golf (O)

M = Men's; W = Women's; C = Co-Rec; O = Open

Not sure how the new IM Sports Pass or registration works?  Check out the informative video below: