Center for Student Integrity


Creighton Hall
Office of the Vice Provost
 for Student Life
Suite 224
Main Phone: (402) 280-2775
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Ms. Desiree Nownes

Dr. Tanya Winegard
Vice Provost for Student Life


The mission of the Center for Student Integrity is to promote an environment where students are encouraged to act with professional, academic, and personal integrity and to hold students accountable around issues of integrity. The Center provides students with the resources and education needed to respect the dignity of all persons, the policies of the Creighton University community and the rights of its members both on and off campus, in addition to the just laws of the civic community and the rights of its members. This education is presented within the framework of our Jesuit identity.

St. Peter Faber Award for Integrity
The purpose of the civic programs are to develop a deeper understanding of the role of the individual within a community. These programs will also seek to help students investigate and clarify issues of Integrity as they relate to their personal lives and their role in a communal conceptualization. The Center for Student Integrity's "Award for Integrity" strives to acknowledge the ethical values and integrity that are prevalent in our campus community. Hopefully these awards will continue to embrace, enhance and support the personal, professional, academic, and vocational development of the members of the Creighton University Community.

Congratulations to the 2014 Recipients

Jamal Jamil

Ivori Crawford

St. Peter Faber Award Nomination Form


Discipline Record Check Policy

Students with inquires about their Creighton University discipline history should make a written request to the Associate Vice President for Student Life. A written summary will be provided to the student within 10 business days. If you are requesting a summary be forwarded to a school please allow 10 business days to process the request.  Any follow-up for requests can be made to

Students requesting to view their discipline records must follow the procedures outlined in the Confidentiality of Records section of the Handbook.