FAQs (Apartment Living)

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Apartment Renewal Process at Creighton University.

Q:  What is the apartment reservation fee?

A: The apartment reservation fee is used to reserve your apartment space for the coming year.  This fee will appear as a credit on your fall semester university bill.  If you opt to not participate in the housing recontracting process after paying this fee, you forfeit the fee. If we are unable to offer you housing, the fee will be refunded to you.

 Q: If I am planning to live on campus next year what options are available to me?

A: Current on campus juniors and seniors can select from Davis, Opus, or Heider Hall.  The Apartment Living Agreement, once signed, is valid for the entire 12-month term of the agreement.  Subleasing will not be allowed.  Both Davis and Opus will remain open during all breaks. Heider Hall offers a limited number of 9 month agreements for juniors and seniors, which run from August 21, 2013 to May 10, 2014.  Graduating seniors will be allowed to remain in Heider until May 19, 2014.  Heider Hall will not remain open during breaks, including Christmas break, for those with a 9-month agreement. 

 Q: Can off-campus students live on campus next year?

A: Yes if space is available.  Any junior or senior currently living on campus can pull in an off-campus student to be their roommate.  If you are pulling in a roommate who presently lives off campus, is a current sophomore, or is a student transferring into Creighton next year, you MUST contact the Housing Assignments Office by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 31, 2013, in order to receive the necessary authorization and pay their $100 housing damage deposit.  Please be advised that your friend will not be able to go through the housing sign-up process without this authorization and paperwork.

When the lottery process concludes, off-campus students can sign up to fill the remaining vacancies.

Q: Are Davis, Heider, and Opus priced the same?

A: No.  The cost of 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, and loft-units is presently $644 per month per resident of Opus and Davis.  Heider Hall varies depending on size of apartment, but presently ranges from $5,674 - $5,754 per academic year per resident.  Rates for 2013-14 will be available in mid-March.

Q: I am starting a professional program (OT, PT, Pharmacy, etc) but I do not have a Bachelor?s Degree. Can I live in Davis, Heider or Opus?
A: Yes, you are eligible to live in Davis, Heider, or Opus. However, if you will have a Bachelor?s Degree by Fall 2013 you are not eligible to live in Davis or Opus, please contact the Housing Assignments Office to inquire about leasing space in Heider Hall.  

Q: If I plan to live in Heider with a 9 month agreement when can I move in?

A: You can move in during the upper class move in on Sunday August 21, 2013.

Q: If my roommates and I do not participate in the ?Same Apartment Renewal,? because we want to change apartments, do we lose our current apartment?
A: Yes. Any apartments not retained during "Same Apartment Renewal" day will be available for other residents to select during "Change Apartment Renewal."  

Q: I will have a vacancy in my apartment that I need to fill. Who can I bring into my apartment?
A: Any student who will be a Junior or Senior next year may sign up with you to fill your apartment.

Q: At what point do I make a commitment for next year?
A: At your sign-up session, the 12 month Apartment Living Agreement that you will sign is your official binding agreement with the University. This includes Omaha-area students; thus once a student has signed their agreement they will be legally expected to fulfill the terms stated on their agreement.

Q:  I am planning to study abroad during the Fall but will return to campus housing in the Spring.  Do I sign up for a room now?
A.  No.  Please contact the Housing Assignments Office during the Fall semester to sign up for your Spring assignment.  You will be able to select a room from any anticipated available space for the Spring semester.

Q: I am planning to study abroad during the Spring. Can I leave at semester?

A.  Yes.  We will not hold you to your contract for the full academic year if you are participating in a university-approved study abroad program.  The Apartment Living Agreement for Opus and Davis residents studying abroad will expire December 31st, 2013, while the agreement for Heider study abroad participants expires December 14, 2013.  

Q: I want to live in Opus Hall or Davis Square, but I will not be here during the summer. What should I do?
A: Davis Square and Opus Hall agreements run from May 22, 2013 to May 18, 2014.  All residents must pay their rent for this entire time. Summer rent may not be deferred until fall semester, but monthly payments can be made.  Sub-leasing is not permitted.  If you are not interested in summer housing you may want to consider our 9 month option in Heider Hall

Q: If I sign up for an apartment and pull up other students to fill the vacancies, and then apply for a release from my housing agreement for next year, will I be released?
A: No, you will not be released; in fact, there may be a fine for this type of intentional abuse of the housing process.

Q: I have a scholarship.  Do I still have to pay the $75.00 apartment reservation fee?
A: If you receive a full-ride scholarship that includes room and board, please contact the Housing Assignments Office at cisham@creighton.edu for further information and instructions.

Q: If one of my roommates leaves during the academic year (to transfer, study abroad, change apartments, etc), am I responsible for filling that vacancy?
A: During the academic year, you will be given the option of pulling in a student from our waiting list or finding an off campus roommate to bring into the vacancy (if we don't have students on the waitlist). If you do not select someone, there is a chance that another student will be assigned to that spot.

Q: My friend is transferring to Creighton next year. Can I sign up with him/her?
A: Yes, but your friend must be an admitted and deposited student with the University AND you must contact Carol Isham (cisham@creighton.edu )in the Department of Residence Life by Thursday, January 31, 2013, at 4:30pm in order to receive the necessary authorization.*  Please be advised that your friend will not be able to go through the housing sign-up process without having completed the online steps.  

Q: Can I get a private apartment?
A: We do not offer private apartments; however, all bedrooms within apartments in Davis Square and Opus Hall are single occupancy.   All apartments in Heider Hall are double occupancy with roommates sharing the bedroom space.