Room Dimensions

Room Dimensions

The following listing provides room dimension and layout information on each of our facilities.  Please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and visit our life on campus section--full of information you will need to know before making Creighton your new home!

Traditional Halls- All Freshman 


Room Dimensions

Floor Layout

Room Layout

Detailed Dimensions

Deglman Hall

 140" X 175"
(11'8" X 14'7")

Deglman Floor

Deglman Room

Gallagher Hall

132" X 184"
(11' X 15'4")

 Gallagher Floor

 Gallagher Room

Gallagher Room Dimensions

Kiewit Hall

 144" X 181"
(12' X 15'1")

Kiewit Floor

Kiewit Room

Kiewit Room Dimensions

All Traditional Hall rooms include two desks, two beds, two closets, two desk chairs, sink, and community bathrooms.  Rooms are not carpeted, but students are welcome to personalize their room by bringing their own carpeting.  Visit our Take a Tour page to preview pictures of the freshman residence halls.


Suite Style Living


Room Dimensions

Floor Layout 

 Room Layout

McGloin Hall

Main room: (19' x 10') Bedrooms: (13'6'' x 11') Closets: (6'5'' x 4'6'')

McGloin Floor Layout

McGloin Room Layout 

Swanson Hall (1st & 2nd Year Students)

Swanson standard room is (11' 6" X  15' 1"). The ADA suite ranges from (10' 0" - 13' 0") deep and is 23' 6-1/2" wide.

Swanson Floor Layout

Swanson Room Layout

All Suite Style Living has a shared private bathroom with three other people and a walk-in closet for two.

Apartment Style Living


Floor Layout

Room Layout

Room Dimension

Kenefick Hall

Kenefick Floor Layout

1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


Heider Hall

Heider Hall Floor Layout

Heider Floor Layout

Heider Room Layout

Davis Square

Davis 1st Floor Layout

Davis 2nd Floor Layout

Davis 3rd Floor Layout

Davis 2 Bedroom Layout

Davis 3 Bedroom Layouts

Davis 4 Bedroom Layouts


Opus Hall

Opus 1st Floor Layout

Opus 2nd Floor Layout

Opus 3rd Floor Layout

Opus 4th Floor Layout

Opus 2 Bedroom Layout

Opus 3 Bedroom Layouts

Opus 4 Bedroom Layouts

All Apartment Style Living has a private bathroom shared