Living & Learning

The Department of Residence Life at Creighton University provides several "living-learning" programs for select students to participate, learn, and grow. These intentional programs are designed to help build community and foster learning.  They allow for greater connections with peers, Jesuits, Faculty, and the greater Omaha community. 

The following list summarizes these major efforts.

Freshman Leadership Program (FLP)

This living-learning program is a partnership between the Department of Residence Life and Student Activities.  It is housed on 9th floor Kiewit Hall and focuses in on asking students to challenge themselves with questions of leadership and service to others.  For more information:  Visit FLP.

The Honors Scholars Community

The Honors program at Creighton begins with a first year, communal experience on 9th floor Swanson Hall.  All Freshman Honors students live together and attend several academic courses together as they are inducted into this exemplary program.  For more information:  Visit the Honors Scholars Community.

Cortina Community

The Cortina Community is an academic, service based living-learning community, housed in Deglman Hall.  Weekly community discussions and service, coupled with retreats, immersions, speakers, and more, facilitate an understanding of the self in relation to a call to do justice in the context of community.   Visit the Cortina Community.

Encuentro Dominicano

The Encuentro Dominicano program is an academic, living-learning, service-learning opportunity in the Dominican Republic.  This program is open to all students after their Freshman Year.  For more information:  Visit Encuentro Domincano.