Summer Conference Staff Resources

Join the Summer Conference Team!

During the summer, Creighton's campus becomes a beautiful vibrant environment that attracts visitors from around the world.  You can be a part of making our guests' experiences memorable and fun.  The summer conference team is looking for individuals committed to serving guests' on-campus housing and dining needs.

The team is led by the Director of Summer Conferences, a full time Residence Life staff member, and a team of undergraduate staff.  There are three types of positions for undergraduate staff.  The Summer Conference Internship is a 12 month position available for any academic major but geared towards business majors.  The intern works closely with the Director of Summer Conferences on an array of projects from client satisfaction to budget development.  The Senior Summer Conference Assistants (SSCA) are the first point of contact for our summer clients.  The SSCA establish contact with summer guests, determine guest needs, ensure space and services are ready for the guest's visits and create a warm welcoming helpful environment for all guests.  The Summer Conference Assistants (SCA) team is a larger group of individuals who assist the SSCA and Director of Summer Conferences in preparing room and building spaces, provide customer service through a central front desk, create a welcoming environment at camp/conference check ins/outs and provide an overall friendly helpful service to summer guests.

Together the summer conference team serves the various needs of the camp and conference programs that use Creighton University housing and dining.  Typical summer groups range from youth athletic camps to adult religious education groups.  Each camp or conference is organized and managed by a department or community organization.  It is the role of the summer conference staff to provide them a fabulous Creighton experience!  We invite you to join the fun energetic summer conference team!

Please Note:  All summer conference staff must undergo a background check due to the presence of youth residing with us during the summer months.  Upon being extended an employment offer you will be required to provide information for the background check and must pass the check in order to continue employment.