New Student Roommate Search Process

How the Roommate Search Process Works

The roommate search process is open from May 15 – June 20, 2018. There are two routes a new student can follow:

Housing Tree

Every new student who lives on campus will fill out a housing application that includes questions about your hobbies and habits that will be used to determine your roommate, if you choose not to select your own.

Option A (System-Matched Roommate): Sometimes living with your best friend isn’t a good idea! Whether you want to branch out and meet new people, or you’re just not sure who would be a good roommate for you, our software matching tool will take the answers to your profile questions and hall preferences and match you with a roommate. About half of our students choose to let the computer do the work for them.

Option B (Self-Selected Roommate): If you choose to participate in the optional online roommate search process, you are able to connect with potential roommates via an online community. You can then send messages with students to get to know them further. If you find someone who will be a good roommate match, you can send them a roommate request, or confirm a request you receive from them.

Additionally, if you already picked out your roommate because you know them from school, sports, volunteering, or met them at a Creighton Admitted Student Day, you will use the same roommate process to request each other. About half of our students choose to select their own roommate.

Whichever option you choose, we know you will have a fantastic first year! Our students are split between choosing their own roommate or having one matched with them, and both scenarios will lead to great friendships and personal growth as you learn more about yourself by living with another person.

Complete your Starrez Profile

Fill out the profile questions honestly. If you don’t manually select a roommate, you will be placed with a roommate based on these questions. If you plan to select a roommate manually, you must still complete this profile.


Using the Roommate Search Features

If you would like to find a roommate, the Department of Residence Life offers an optional roommate search process, which is accessible from May 15th - June 20th, 2018. To participate in the roommate search process, create a profile, and click "include in search". Click "Save and Continue" to access the search feature, where you can search for a student, browse profiles, and send messages to potential roommates.


Search by Detail

If you have the screenname of your desired roommate, you can enter it on the Search by Detail page. Enter all known details and click “search.”


Search by Profile

You can search for specific profile items, such as level of cleanliness, personality or study habits, through the search by profile page. This will return search results of students that match your criteria.


Suggested Roommates

The StarRez Housing Portal can provide a list of students that most closely match your profile questions.


Accepting Roommate Requests

In order to successfully request a roommate, you must send a request through the Starrez Housing Portal. You can find the "request roommate" option next to students you find through the roommate search features.

On the main "roommate requests" page, you can see your pending or accepted roommate requests. You will also receive an email to your Creighton email account when you receive a roommate request or your roommate request is acted upon by the other student.

PLEASE NOTE: All roommate requests must be accepted by June 20th, 2018 to be honored. Only one roommate request will be honored.