Community Partners

In the Jesuit, Catholic tradition at Creighton University the concept of community is paramount in a students' collegiate experience. Whether it is a student organization, a residence hall floor, or a homeless shelter, the ongoing creation of community is critical to the development of a service of faith that promotes justice.

The Department of Residence Life at Creighton University has had a rich tradition of providing its students opportunities to serve the community. Residence hall student staff and residence hall leaders have always put an emphasis on service and fundraising efforts and it is the department's intent to establish long-term, meaningful relationships between the community and our students. This is also part of a larger, university-wide priority to be mindful of its role as a corporate citizen and for other efforts within the university, view Creighton's Community Relations site.

Initiated in the Fall of 1993 and fully implemented as of Fall 2002, Creighton's Department of Residence Life has developed a tradition of connecting with Omaha community service organizations. The "Community Partner Initiative" involves each residence hall partnering with a local community agency or organization with whom they have established a working relationship and it is from this relationship that opportunities are discovered to allow for weekly volunteer opportunities, event planning and collaboration, and fundraising efforts aimed at financially supporting a hall's community partner. This initiative is continually being developed and nurtured by the Department of Residence Life, the Creighton Center for Service & Justice, each agency/organization as listed below, and student SFJ (Service, Faith, & Justice), leaders who are executive members of their Residence Hall Councils and members of the student-run Inter Residence Hall Government.

Community Partners

Deglman Hall

As home to the Cortina Community, Deglman Hall serves as a Community Partner to many organizations and locations around Omaha.

 Gallagher Hall

 The Charles E. Lakin Human Services Campus (since 2012)

 Kiewit Hall

 Open Door Mission (since 2014)

 Kenefick Hall

 City Sprouts (since 2014)

 McGloin Hall

 Habitat For Humanity (since 2014)

 Swanson Hall

 Siena/Francis Homeless Shelter (since 2001)

 Davis Square and Opus Hall

Together Inc. (since 2006)

 Heider Hall

 Seven Oaks of Florence (since 2005)