Cortina: Who Are We

So, what does this look like (practically speaking)?

Community Service (freshmen, sophomores, and upperclassmen)
It is quite possible that we work with some of the coolest people in the city of Omaha. We are so thankful to them for allowing us to come participate in their work, weekly.

Our students go participate in what we like to call "relational service" every week. Students go to the same place each week so that they can build relationships and learn from those. Because of our great partnerships, we get to learn from people that we meet at community meals, community gardens, bike shops, schools, after school programs, ESL classes, GED classes, homeless shelter drop-in centers, & recovery celebration meetings. Students do about 3 hours of service at their site each week.  All students are transported to-and-from service in a Creighton van with a van-certified driver. 

Sunday Formation Time (freshmen, sophomores, and upperclassmen) Every Sunday evening, the community convenes together to delve into a topic. Often the first hour will be filled with a speaker/panel of speakers, film/documentary, or activity. Many times that first hour will need to be processed or discussed in some way--so we break off into smaller groups to do so. Conversation is rich and time together is sweet. But also, we are a pretty diverse community, so sometimes we have a lot of work to do during this time.

Cortina Sophomore Courses (Philosophical Ethics/Social Justice in the Old Testament):
Each Fall semester, all sophomore students take Philosophical Ethics (PHL 271). This is a core requirement for Creighton students but, (lucky us!) we get to take it in separate classes where not only are ethics discussed, but they are discussed and integrated with the experiences we are having at our service sites in the Omaha community. 

In the Spring, Cortina students take another course of the MAGIS core curriculum together, Social Justice in the Old Testament (THL 217).  The course focuses on what the Bible says about social justice and how you can apply these principles to contemporary social justice issues, like the ones you see at your service site. 

Cortina Freshmen Courses (freshmen) In the Fall, Cortina freshmen will enroll in one of two sections of Contemporary Composition (ENG 155).  It is a service learning course, fits into the core and will help students develop writing skills, as well as new perspective on the power of words.  This course is a great way to get acclimated to college life with your Cortina peers! 

In the Spring semester, Cortina freshmen take Waging Peace in the Twentieth Century (HIS 171).  This course helps you to radically reimagine the way we history is understood and commonly taught.  Rather than look at the twentieth century through the lens of war, students examine this century through the peacemaking movements of the time.  This unorthodox historical perspective allows exploration into whether an alternative narrative of the past presents under-examined possibilities for promoting peace and justice in the present.

Retreats (freshmen, sophomores, and upperclassmen) Rest and celebration are important parts of life. So we go on retreats to rest, to celebrate, to envision the development of our community. Each semester there is a planned retreat for all community members.  The Fall retreat is overnight and the Spring retreat is a day-long.

The Cortina Community has a Director, Kate Macan (, an Assistant Director, Katherine Cole (, and a Hall Chaplain, Br. Pat Douglas ( Feel free to email them for further information or questions you may have.