Third Party Mediation

The SDRC utilizes a mediator, certified by the state of Nebraska, to handle cases. Mediation is used to resolve disputes by allowing the parties to actively create their own solutions. Because mediation stresses making a plan for future conflicts, it is particularly useful for parties who wish (or need) to remain in contact.


When is mediation appropriate?

Mediation is only appropriate for individuals who are willing to engage in a non-violent, respectful manner. Some examples of cases that are appropriate for the SDRC include: roommate conflicts, coworker concerns, personal concerns, neighbor disputes, property use, and group project concerns among other things.

When is mediation not appropriate?

The SDRC is not equipped to handle all types of cases. Situations that are not mediatable at this time include: cases involving violence, threats or sexual assault; student-faculty disputes; and serious student conduct code violations.


Individual Consultation

Sometimes it is not feasible to bring the parties together to conduct a mediation session. The SDRC is available to consult individually with students facing conflict to address possible approaches to resolution and to discuss ways to handle siilar situations in the future. A meeting can be schedule to discuss issues such as:

  • Communication skills
  • How to effectively manage conflict
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Creating a plan for managing future conflict
  • Ethical decision making
  • Roommate conflicts
  • Academic concerns
  • Personal issues
  • Other types of concerns

Individual consultation may be appropriate for some situations that are not mediatable. For example, some serious student conduct code violations can be addressed in individual consultation. Please contact the SDRC if you have questions about what is appropriate for individual consultation.

Educational Programming

The SDRC currently offers educational programming workshops for student organizations, residence halls, and other campus groups. Current program offerings include:

  • Conflict resolution skills - Discover the reasons conflict occurs and how to effectively manage conflict.
  • Mediation overview - What is mediation? How can it benefit me? This presentation will answer all of these questions and much more.
  • Promoting positive behavior - This workshop is perfect for students wondering how they can encourage their peers to participate in positive behaviors.
  • Ethical decision making - An interactive session outlining ethics and in the C.U. community and inviting students to consider their values in order to make ethical decisions.
  • Roomate conflicts - How do I live with someone in this space? This program will help students to develop skills to have a positive roommate relationship.

The SDRC is constantly adding to its programming offerings. All programming can be altered to suit a specific need. If you are interested in a program that is not listed, please contact the office.