Alicia Sancho Scherich

Artist Statement

            In my approach to painting, my first consideration is the intent; the reason why I will undertake the project. With the exception of beauty that at times I will incite us to attempt, often in vain, to capture it on canvas, for me painting involves a profound thought has to be communicated to our fellow residents of the world. Once I know I have something important to convey. I hold that thought until an image emerges. For example, my research of the mindless killing of whales brought me to the words of our great Jacques Cousteau? A Crimson mantle floating on the sea? What a moving and powerful statement! It moved me to create "Trapped in its Elemen" where I portray these giant victims so cruelly and callously exterminated.

             Next, I wanted to portray other aspects of our threatened environments. The birds, nothing but black birds. These are all I see from my windows. Where are the beautiful birds? On research one finds out the tragic fate of beautiful birds. One of the most enchanting ones is the crane, which in "Jewels of the Wind" I associated with the ballet "Swan Lake" (The Death of the Swan), and bowing out of the stage (of life) forever.

             One has only to browse in search of magnificent animals such as the tiger, the elephant, the rhino, the gorilla, and countless others. The data shows the greed of man and his incredible arrogance and cold cruelty at the root of their disappearance from out world. By Depicting them I was hoping to move the heart of gratitude and respect for their presence.

             The most painful of the four panels to depict, "Extinction", was the destruction of the environment through fire, as it is willfully done in the rain forest of Brazil, as I was painting, thousands of creatures were being charred, as if the treasures to be found below the surface have any relevance in the real context of nature and the survival of all the species including our own.


Current Works On Display

"Medical Art"

(Panel on the left)

The miraculous microcosm that we are has also been the subject of inquiry, investigation, observation and finally control by Man.

Neurons, photographed for the first time by Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1906 Nobel Prize Winner) advanced the knowledge and understanding of the awesome capabilities of the human brain.

In this panel woman emerges as the creator, life giver and maker of man.

From her silent communication with the new life she carries within, to the constant care and love she bestows upon her child, Woman guides, educates, protects and builds the man of tomorrow.

The Pelvic bone represents the vessel in which we all have evolved since the dawn of human existence.

As her image emerged in my mind and took hold on my canvas, I had the cognition that we are all one.

"Universal Love"

(Panel on the Right)

This is an interpretation of Nobel Prize winner and humanitarian.

Mother Teresa.

Simplicity of design and depth of content was the aim when attempting to depict this servant of humanity. The frugality of color denotes her surroundings. The images of the needy on the folds of her garment signify the imprint of their lives on her conscience.