Intercultural Education and Programs

Intercultural Education and Programs

OMA collaborates with other student services departments, offices and multicultural student organizations, academic departments and programs to coordinate new student orientations, service learning projects, educational courses, diversity training, recruitment efforts and retention initiatives.


One specific effort where the Office of Multicultural Affairs contributes to the Intercultural Education of campus involves a cutting-edge staff development program in the Division of Student Life, entitled IDEA.  IDEA stands for Initiatives in Diversity Education and Action and is a "continuing education" program whereby employees in the Division of Student Life partake in a required number of diversity-themed educational sessions each year.  The Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates the programming offered within the GO! (formerly IDEA) program structure.

Other Intercultural Education Events

Some of our sponsored activities include:  CUrageous Voices, CUnity Week, the Intercultural Expo, Asian/Pacific Islander Cultural Fest, and other ongoing cultural programming.  Annual events co-sponsored by the office include the All Nations Pow Wow, Hawaiian Luau and Las Mananitas.