PEAC workshops are interactive, peer-to-peer taught 45-minute programs that look critically at areas of health & wellness and include important discussions & information for college students to consider.  Workshops require a computer/projector/technology to show elements including powerpoint, videos, etc.  Contact Erin Sarmiento if you are interested in requesting a PEAC workshop.

Straight Up or On the Rocks?
This workshop is designed as a fun way to talk about the myths and truths associated with college drinking. Our goal is not to lecture but to give the information so students can be responsible whether they do or do not choose to drink during their college years. From the freshman 15, to always having a designated driver, and myths about hangover cures, this workshop uses real life examples and popular clips from movies like Animal House, to demonstrate that no matter what your drinking decision is it is best to be informed and most importantly safe.

Confidence & Community: Exploring Body Image & Building Self Esteem
The main message that we want to get across is that society is crazy in regards to body image and that we hurt ourselves by forming ridiculous expectations for ourselves.  The goal is for the participants to leave with rejuvenated confidence in themselves and the knowledge that they share a lot more with their floor-mates then they previously thought. Activities include a crossing the line demonstration, mirror mirror on the wall, the pursuit of happiness, and many other unique activities to choose from.  Not all of these activities need to be implemented if there are time constraints or other concerns.

The Health Truth and Nothing But the Truth
This workshop focuses on healthy lifestyles instead of the negative side of body image, which is so predominant.  Participants are involved in an interactive game like Mythbusters, discussing and busting common myths about health, nutrition, exercise, and much more.  The presentation is meant to educate and include participants.  It even includes video commentaries by Creighton's Assistant Director of Fitness, Steve Wiota.

Making Relationships Matter
The main purpose of this workshop is to develop healthy relationships between individuals, whether they are romantic or non-romantic.  By identifying and breaking down major stereotypes between sexes and giving the audience opportunities to reduce barriers of producing healthy relationships, this workshop offers great advice for properly handling tough obstacles all relationships may face. 

Risky Business
This workshop facilitates through discussion over the topics of getting intimate with someone and what happens when that intimacy goes too far.  Sexual assault & rape are not easy issues to discuss, but this workshop offers basic definitions, staggering statistics and common scenarios that are talked through in a realistic way.  Information on what to do if you or someone you know is sexually assaulted is also explored and resources are distributed. Is modified for both men and women floors.

COMING IN SPRING 2010- LGBTQ Issues & Mental Health

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