Visit the VIP Center

If you'd like to speak with someone in the VIP Center, please call (402) 280-3794 or email to schedule an appointment.

Help A Friend

Are you concerned about a friend's relationship? Click here for more information

Being a Relgious Survivor

A great read for religious survivors can be found at the Know Your IX website.

What is Advocacy?

The VIP Center provides confidential advocacy for individuals who have experienced sexual violence, discriminatory harassment, or discrimination.  An advocate is someone who will provide one-on-one support to individuals.

Confidential advocacy services available at the VIP Center include:

  •  Individual advocacy
    • one-one-one support after an incident of sexual violence, discriminatory harassment, or discrimination
    • Information on a student's rights under Title IX
    • Assistance in regards to housing, class absences, coursework extensions, transportation, safety planning, access to campus services, and more (students)
    • Information on counseling and medical services
    • Information and assistance with reporting incidents to the University and/or Omaha Police Department
    • Assistance with filing Protection Orders
    • Resource materials to assist a friend or family member
    • Campus and community referrals

To contact the VIP Center, call (402) 280.3794 or email