Bullying Resources

Harassment and Discrimination

"In accord with its history, mission, and credo, Creighton University believes that each individual should be treated with respect and dignity.

Any form of harassment or discrimination is a violation of human dignity. The University strongly condemns any such harassment or discrimination. Whether verbal or physical, conduct of this sort violates another personís rights and can create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or learning environment. Such conduct when it is genuinely discerned is subject to prompt and effective remedial action. Students who believe they are victims of harassment or discrimination are encouraged to report the facts to the University in order that the University might investigate and take corrective action where appropriate."

Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, Creighton Student Handbook, pg. 40

Types of Bullying

Physical bullying includes hitting, punching, kicking and other types of physical harm, as well as destruction of a personís property.

Verbal bullying includes teasing, name-calling, taunting and racial slurs, as well as spreading gossip or malicious rumors.

Cyberbullying includes harassing emails, instant messages and text messages, as well as intimidating or threatening websites, blogs or posts.

source: www.mayoclinic.com/health/bullying/MH00126



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