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What is Green Dot?

Green Dot is a bystander intervention program that asks everyone to take action against power-based personal violence.  The term "green dot" refers to a single moment in time when someone makes the choice to use their words, actions, or behaviors to make our campus and community safer.  Green Dots can be proactive (learning about campus resources, attending a Green Dot training) or reactive (responding to a potentially high-risk situation.)

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Upcoming Events

Green Dot Bystander Training- November 2, 12:00pm-6:00pm

Green Dot Booster Session- November 6, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Green Dot Booster Session- December 5, 2:30pm-3:30pm


Upcoming Green Dot Bystander Training in November!

Green Dot Bystander Training-  November 2nd from 12:00-6:00 p.m. in Skutt 104 (registration at There will be lunch and giveaways for all participants! More info at:

Creighton students are invited to learn more about the Green Dot violence prevention program and become certified Green Dot Bystanders.  This training will focus on:

  • Learning about "green dots" and "red dots" in reference to power-based personal violence
  • Identifying stalking behaviors, dating violence, and sexual assault
  • Recognizing "red dot" behaviors
  • Understanding the role of a bystander and the obstacles to action
  • Learning how to implement a "green dot"
  • Identifying 3 types of green dots
  • Plenty of discussion, group activities, and practice using green dots

"No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.  What's your Green Dot?"

Green Dot is a national violence prevention strategy that views all community members as potential bystanders and seeks to engage them in proactive behaviors that establish intolerance of violence as the norm, as well as reactive interventions in high-risk situations- resulting in the ultimate reduction of violence.  Green Dot is based on the research of the diffusion of innovation and social diffusion theories, the bystander literature, and marketing/rebranding research.

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