Since the Skutt Student Center's beginning in 1987 the department has accumulated art over the years from purchases and donations.  These works then began being organized into a formal collection during the creation of the Art Program.  The student art coordinator serves as its curator by overseeing new art work acquisitions, physical maintenance, cataloging, display, and loaning. 

Works vary from alumni, staff, professors, and artists outside of Creighton University.  Mediums span painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, graphic design, and photography.


Dr. Roger Aikin

Jehad Al-Raggal

Holly Anderson

Rachel Bennett

Josh Black

Victoria Blake

Dan Boylan

Michael Cameron

Erin Cavanaugh

Michelle Culbertson

Vy Do

Faith Enright

Fr. Michael Flecky

Oliver Ganter

Elizabeth German

Timothy Guthrie

Bill Farmer

Jon Hansen

Zig Jackson

Jason Kenning

Sue Lawler

Renee Malloy

Antonio Martinez

Michael Mayer

Phil Meeks

Stephanie Nabity

Nathan Peterson

Alexis Poduska

Mindy Harvey

Aspen Hocchalter

Ben Isburg

Phillip Jaeger

Jay Langhurst

Tupac Martir

Mindy McGuffee

Michael Montag

Mike Pietro

Lynn Piper

Yanna Raemakers

Timothy Searl

Michael Sgier

Ray Taddeucci

Jessie Thunderhawk

Johnathon Tvidirik

Pete Walsh

Jeff Wat

Annie Wilkins

Kay Wise

Elaine Witt