Paintings 36

Title: Something Sold

Artist: Jason Kenning

Dimensions: n/a

Date Secured: n/a



The idea for "Something Sold" came after my anthropology class covered consumerism. I had never considered the hollow nature of a culture that just buys and buys. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Most people, myself included, sometimes want to fill up--satisfy--something deep within, but they do it with useless junk. The heart of the matter is misplaced and dissatisfaction grows.


The figure in the picture is turned from the viewer, giving her a more mysterious gaze into the hazy pink outside. Shopping bags lie around her chair as the sun sets on just another day.


Once again I'm grateful to my sister, and her modeling skills. While painting I started on her body thinking it would be the hardest part and looked forward to getting that part finished. However, I am no architect nor a fan of straight lines so a great deal more time went into painting and repainting the blinds! It was worth it I think, the painting is one of my favorite compositions.