Paintings 9

Title: The Yellow Wallpaper

Artist: Jason Kenning

Dimensions: 24" x 36"

Date Secured: 11/03



I was inspired by the Charlotte Perkins Gilman story of the same name. The story is a feminist metaphor on the expected subservience of housewives. The wife in the story becomes mysteriously "sick." Near the end, Gilman describes her as "creeping around," obsessed with the yellow wallpaper which trap her inside the room.


My painting runs with the more imaginative aspects of the story. The woman is trying to blend into the wallpaper and crawls around like a chameleon. The husband stands horrified at what has become of this wife. Purple was used for the shadows and the figure to reflect utter contrast in the yellow. The style of the painting reminds me of something from a children's book, but rings of something subversive and creepy. To study the lighting in the room I made a small clay maquette and took photos. Also, my thanks to my sister for being such a patient model.