SSC Services

The Skutt Student Center's main responsibility is to provide services to the student body to make their experience at Creighton University more memorable. In everything from food to board game checkouts, the Skutt Student Center thrives on providing as many services as possible to students.

Rollie's Roost

Looking for a massage, game of billiards, a place to study, or just want to hang with friends? Stop by "Rollie's Roost." Located on the first level of the Skutt Student Center.


ADA Accessibility

The Skutt Student Center entrances on the lower and upper levels are accessible for individuals with disabilities.

An elevator is located next to the grand stairway on the middle and upper levels. On the lower level, the elevator is located in the corridor under the grand stairway.

Both sets of restrooms are ADA sensitive. A fully equipped ADA restroom is located on ground level and has a baby changing station.



The Skutt Student Center offers a refund to those who may run into complications when using our vending machines. There are cards at each vending location, a card must be filled out and sent to the Skutt Student Center to receive a refund. To report a problem with a machine users may contact vending services with the problem and number of machine by email at


Fire Alarm

At the sound of a fire alarm, all building occupants must evacuate the building using the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators. No one may re-enter the building until Public Safety has given authorization.


Tornado Shelter

The Skutt Student Center Mutual of Omaha Ballroom is a designated tornado shelter. Building occupants will be notified in the event of a tornado warning. When the community alarm sounds, building occupants will be asked to proceed to the ballroom.


Emergency Messages

Emergency messages for guests of the building may be relayed through the Skutt Student Center Information Desk at 402-280-1705. Requests for emergency pages may be cleared first through Public Safety (280-2104), and then with the highest ranking Skutt Student Center manager on duty.


Medical Emergencies

In case of medical emergencies the Skutt Student Center management may call on Creighton University's department of Public Safety for assistance. The Center's staff will make the victim as comfortable as possible until trained personnel arrive.


Wareham Court

Want a great bite to eat? Stop by Wareham Court where you can find anything from comfort foods to sushi. Try one of the following locations: Mein Bowl, Godfather's Pizza, Hissho Sushi, Mediterranean Cafe, Corner Market, Erbert & Gerbert's or Grab & Go. Don't forget to grab a drink!


University Dining Services Catering

The catering department is committed to making every event a success. From morning breakfast baskets with freshly brewed coffee to casual feasts and elegant hors d'oeuvres or a fancy banquet, the catering menus are filled with fresh contemporary ideas. Call 280-2446 to start the process of making your event something special. 


Retail Services

Creighton Federal Credit Union is located on the upper level. ATMs are located on the middle and lower levels. Starbucks Coffee as well as Jack and Ed's Marketplace are located on the bottom level.