Phi Kappa Psi

Contact Information

Phi Kappa Psi President:
Kyle Neustrom

Phi Kappa Psi chapters are groups of college men who have, by their own selection, banded themselves together as brothers for life. They are guided by laws, rituals, traditions, they aid each other, and they endeavor to educate their members in those social areas which the college classroom leaves untouched. In the process of building men, they benefit not only themselves, but their alma maters and all mankind.

The most important benefits any member receives from Phi Kappa Psi, then, are the unseeable, untouchable, contributions to his personal development. Philanthropy and community service instill in each brother the obligation he has to participate in charitable causes. Scholastic achievement is acknowledged through fraternity scholarships and grants, as well as weekly chapter recognition. The chapter, likewise, prides itself on its intramural program, not only in successes, but also in its goal to promote strong sportsmanship and high comradeship. Lastly, through the chapters social ativities, the fraternity unites to celebrate in its fine accomplishments and to cultivate the fraternitys unique brotherhood.

Through all these achievements Phi Kappa Psis unequivocal bonds of brotherhood are nurtured as the chapter strives toward excellence in all phases of university and fraternity life. Live ever! Die never! Phi Kappa Psi!

Visit the website of the Creighton chapter of Phi Kappa Psi.