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Eta Sigma Phi/Creighton Classical Society

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Epsilon Nu chapter of Eta Sigma Phi and the Creighton Classical Society to promote interest in and exercise the values of classical study among members, and the surrounding community.

These organizations are dedicated to the pursuit of education through the study of languages, literature, philosophies, religions, history and material culture of ancient Greece and Rome.

These organizations are dedicated to providing students with the tools necessary to gain awareness of diversity through the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture, both within the organizations and throughout the Creighton community.

These organizations are dedicated to developing an historical consciousness of their own language and culture in relation to the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Not only so, but these organizations exist to provide its members with films, lectures, and dinings-out in order to enrich the lives of all students, majors, and non-majors alike.

President: Amanda Swisher
Martha Habash
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