Christian Medical and Dental Society

Mission Statement
The purposes of this organization are:

  1. to promote moral and ethical medical management;
    CMDA will help Creighton provide ethical perspectives for health professional students.
  2. to provide fellowship for Christian health-care students;
    CMDA will be available to meet spiritual and social needs in these students' lives.
  3. to help Christians grow in their faith;
    CMDA will encourage students in the pursuit of truth, and encourage them to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
  4. to challenge one another to live in a Christ-like manner;
    CMDA will encourage students to serve others, both in the USA and in other countries.
  5. to presdent students with the good news of Christ Jesus;
    CMDA will challenge students to reflect on transcendent values, including their relationship with God.

Contact Information
President: Kayla Wiesner
Moderator: Marcia Shadle-Cusic
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