Fellowship of Christian Law Students

Mission Statement
Fellowship of Christian Law Students is an organization committed to the social, mental and spiritual health of its members and embraces the pursuit of truth guided by the example of love, grace, service, and forgiveness modeled by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Fellowship of Christian Law Students seeks to enhance the educational experience of the entire Creighton Law School community by adhering to the principles taught by Jesus Christ, by enhancing the personal faith of its members, and by raising important faith-based topics and concerns within our school and community when appropriate.

Fellowship of Christian Law Students will strive to provide its members with a safe and friendly atmosphere of like-minded individuals which is conducive to both personal and spiritual growth. Further, the organization will seek to encourage transcendent values, including a personal relationship with God, service to others, the importance of family life, the importance and value of each individual, and the eternal significance of our decisions and actions.

Contact Information
President: Mark Rowan
Moderator: Edward Morse