Magis Medical Clinic

Mission Statement
We, the students of Creighton University School of Medicine, striving to be men and women for and with others, and dedicated to learning the art of medicine, in partnership with those in our community who are concerned about their health but find themselves homeless and with limited or no access to healthcare, hereby establish the Magis Medical Clinic, a no-charge, drop-in, acute care clinic operating on Saturdays at the Siena Francis House. The Magis Clinic is dedicated to:

  • providing the standard of care to men and women of all ages and backgrounds
  • cooperating with other healthcare providers to maintain continuity of care
  • instilling in patients a sense of value for one's own health
  • fostering in students a lifelong commitment to service

Contact Information
President:  Kathryn Hickle-Koclances
Moderator: Lee Morrow
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