Student National Medical Association

Organization Abbreviation

Mission Statement
The Student National Medical Association chapter at Creighton University is an organization comprised of medical students committed to fulfilling our duties and dreams by empowering ourselves and each other to succeed and serve within the Creighton and general community.

As medical students, SNMA is dedicated to the pursuit and mastery of the ethical and scientific skills of its members with respect to its challenging coursework. The organization also functions to create an outlet for social exchange between students united in a common coursework.

As members of the greater Creighton community, SNMA is dedicated to encompassing the foundation in which the university and its community was built: service to others, empowering the individual, and embracing the cultural diversity within our academic community and the surrounding community.

SNMA exists to join student physicians from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to focus on empowering the Creighton and neighboring community in terms of service, fellowship amongst other Creighton student organizations and appreciation of the diversity within the university and the Omaha and worldly community.

Contact Information
President: Sameera Alocozy
Moderator: Mervin Vasser
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