Muslim Student Association

Mission Statement
The Muslim Student Association of Creighton University aims to develop a sense of unity and spiritual understanding amongst Muslim students. Through meetings, constructive dialogues, and open discussions, we hope to build a better understanding among the Creighton community of the Islamic faith and teachings.

Our mission is to reach out and keep in contact with those who believe as we do and with those who are interested in learning about the Islamic faith. It is to stregthen our spiritual understanding and our lives through readings from Al-Quran and Al-Hadith.

The Jesuit mission is to educate the whole person. It also aims to develop the leaders of tomorrow. And through our meetings, prayers, and dialogues, we aim to do the same by helping each other in all aspects of university life--spiritual, academic, and social.

Contact Information
President: Ibrahim El Ahsri
Moderator: Naser Alsharif
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