El Legado de Compasion

Mission Statement
El Legado de Compasion in following the Jesuit ideals is dedicated to educating others and maintaining students knowledge of the Social, Cultural, and Political realities of the poor and oppressed people in Latin American and Third world countries.

El Legado de Compasion calls for the recognition and participation in the tradition of the Society of Jesus and its integrating vision of the world.

This vision includes a faith that promotes justice, service to others, appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity, stimulation of creative and critical thinking, and provision of ethical perspectives for dealing with an increasingly complex world.

We hope to embody and uphold Agape, the Greek term for self-giving love,  for it is "the effective willing of the good of the other" (Aquinas) that El Legado de Compasion aspires to maintain.

To keep the spirit of faith, community, and hope found in our experiences and relationships abroad alive among each other and others on campus.  

We aim to promote service to others in the Dominican Republic, the importance of their community, the inalienable worth of the individual and appreciation of their unique ethnic and cultural diversity. 

  • We will to encourage awareness of the social, political, and cultural issues within the global community.
  • Maintain a community among ourselves, and with those we have made relationships abroad.
  • Respect and celebrate the unique people of the third world.
  •  Influence social change through education, reflection and service that is in line with "serving for and with others".
  • Sharing our gifts and talents of Agape, striving to "do the truth in love" (Himes) within Creighton's community for the Greater Glory of God.

Contact Information
President: Madeline Pilney
Moderator: Thomas Kelly
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