Dance Team

Organization Abbreviation

Mission Statement
The Creighton University Dance Team is an organization committed to excellence in its selected members.

The Creighton University Dance Team provides a haven for its members to express themselves through the art of dance as well as an outlet for camaraderie, socialization and spirituality.  Each individual on the team is embraced as a child of God and is recognized for her unique talents, abilities and interests.  Although members of the dance team diverge from a multitude of backgrounds, the Jays Dancers are united in striving for common goals; achieving academic excellence, promoting school spirit, and serving as positive community role models.

As Creighton University is guided by Jesuit traditions, the Creighton Jays Dancers participate in numerous community service activities to contribute to the betterment of society while promoting the Jesuit values that are an integral part of the Creighton foundation. 

The Creighton Dance Team encourages leadership, seeks excellence from themselves and others as well as sharing members? talents with the community for the greater glory of God.

Contact Information
Captain: Jill Fahrer
Moderator: Alynne Wize
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