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Fundraising Policy

Creighton recognizes that fundraising activities are often utilized by student organizations. However, no student may use University facilities (without charge) for personal gain. All student organizations wishing to hold a fundraiser must have a completed and approved fundraising form on file in the Student Activities Office prior to securing room or mall reservations and prior to the event.
                                                                                                    -- from the Student Handbook

  • All fundraisers must conform to the Creighton University Code of Student Conduct and avoid demeaning sexual, racial, or other discriminatory references and not promote the abuse of alcohol.  
  • All organizations wishing to hold a fundraiser must have a completed and approved fundraising form on file (now called the Student Activities Office Form, to be submitted through CU Involved) in the Student Activities Office prior to securing room or mall reservations. Skutt Student Center or mall reservations may be made by contact the reservations office at 280-1700.
  • Scheduled fundraising projects must be administered in accordance with University policies governing advertising and solicitation.
  • All door-to-door solicitation and selling within the residence halls by students or commercial salespersons is prohibited. Likewise, no flyers, advertisements, coupons, etc., may be placed under the doors or hung on doorknobs in any residence hall.  In certain circumstances, a student, student group, or a commercial salesperson may be given limited privileges to conduct a sale or promotion in a lobby or other approved space. In these cases, permission must be secured, in advance, from the Resident Director. If you witness a solicitor on your floor or in the building, contact the front desk.
  • Promotional materials may not be handed out to students on the Creighton campus, either outside or inside buildings. Promotional materials may not be placed on cars in the University parking lots. This is a violation of Omaha Code 1959 Ord. No. 21486.
  • Any advertising and publicity materials must include: name of the sponsoring organization, product or service being sold, purpose for which the profit will be used, and location of the activity.
  • For raffles, participants must be made aware of the prizes offered and of their chances of winning. To do this, limit the number of ticket sales and state "chances of winning are greater than 1 in (# of tickets being sold)."
  • If soliciting vendors or alumni for support, either financial or in-kind donations, in addition to the "Student Activities Office Form" being completed, a list of the businesses to be contacted and a copy of the letter to be sent must be uploaded to the form on CU Involved. 
  • If a student organization wishes to do a bake sale or sale of other foods for a fundraiser, all items sold must be baked by the organization or its members.  No pre-purchased items may be sold unless they are purchased through Sodexo Food Services.  You must follow proper food-handling guidelines. These guidelines may be found online at or in the Student Activities Office.
  • Upon processing, you will receive an email from our office. 
  • If you are creating an item to sell, a "Student Activities Office Form" must be submitted through CU Involved. 
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