Application Process Overview

The application process can be lengthy. Groups applying in the fall will not be fully registered until the spring semester. Groups applying in the spring will not be fully registered until the following fall semester begins. Please note that this time frame is a guideline; the approval process may take longer than indicated.

The following is a brief overview of the application process.

  • Make an appointment with the Director of Student Activities (280-1715 or
  • Complete an application packet, including
  • Turn in application packet by deadline
    • Fall deadline: Wednesday before undergraduate Fall Break
    • Spring deadline: Wednesday before undergraduate Spring Break
  • Attend SORC interview during the two weeks after undergraduate Fall or Spring Break.

**Following the receipt of a completed application by the Student Activities Office, your organization will be considered pending. 

  • Make necessary revisions to application packet as suggested by Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Attend Student Organization Review Committee (SORC) interview
  • Wait for a letter from the Vice President for Student Life indicating final approval - usually near the beginning of the following semester
  • If your organization is approved, you must:
    • Fill out an Annual Registration Form
    • Attend the CSU Fall Conference in September

**As a pending group, you have the opportunity to hold a maximum of three organizational meetings on campus for the purpose of recruiting interested members and making decisions about how your organization will function. 

  • Take advantage of these meetings to sustain interest in the group, to begin building relationships with potential members and to start planning the programs and activities you hope to offer if approval is obtained. 
  • Please be honest with those who express interest in your group.  Make sure you let them know that you are going through the process to become a registered student organization, but you have not yet been approved. 
  • If you would like to reserve space in the Skutt Student Center for these meetings, you will need to meet with the Director of Student Activities in the Student Activities Office, Skutt Student Center 110, so that he/she may approve the scheduling the rooms for you.
  • In addition, any publicity (fliers, posters, banners, Creightonian ads, etc) for any recruiting or other activities must be approved by the Director of Student Activities.