Student Organization Review Committee

The Student Organization Review Committee (SORC) is a group of people who review new student organization applications and interview applicants. SORC then makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Student Life for approval based on the application and interview.

SORC consists of:

  • Director of Student Activities
  • CSU Executive Vice President (or an Executive member designee)
  • A student representative from the Student Life Policy Committee
  • A Graduate/Professional school representative

Following receipt of the completed application packet, the materials will be reviewed by SORC for consideration. You will then be required to attend an interview with SORC. Interviews typically take place 2-3 weeks after the application packet deadline in the fall and spring.

During the SORC interview, a representative must be present to briefly discuss the purpose and goals of the proposed organization and answer any questions. After the interview, SORC makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Student Life. The options for SORC recommendations include:

  • Recommend
    • If group follows all application guidelines, lives out Creighton mission, does not duplicate efforts and is sustainable
  • Recommend with Reservations
    • If group has questionable sustainability or leadership, may be duplicating efforts, etc.
  • Do Not Recommend
    • Group does not fulfill requirements. May be invited to reapply