Sigma Phi Epsilon

Contact Information

Sigma Phi Epsilon President:
Collin Hernandez

The Nebraska Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Creighton University in the winter of 86. Since its beginning, Sig Ep has become one of the leading fraternities on campus by building a foundation based on philanthropy, brotherhood, and social activities. The cardinal principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon are virtue, diligence, and brotherly love, and we strive to exemplify these principles in all that we do.

Our virtue can be seen in our devotion to philanthropy, both our own and that of other organizations. In the spring, our chapter orchestrates one of the largest annual road races in Omaha, the Run with a Heart. In 15 years, this philanthropic event has raised over $30,000 for the local Ronald McDonald House. Additionally, our chapter hosts an all-campus, 3-on-3 basketball tournament each fall, called Hoops for Hope, which annually benefits the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club. We pride ourselves on strong philanthropy, but also embody virtue in our weekly masses held at our fraternity house. A Jesuit from the Creighton community celebrates mass with us each week, and we welcome members from other Greek organizations and the campus as well.

We are diligent in the emphasis we place on academics. We understand that fundamentally we are students, and so we constantly encourage productive educational schedules in our members. Immediately after joining our fraternity, one will enter a pledge program that is structured around being diligent in studies. The diligence that is stimulated through our pledge program often remains with a new member as he enters other organizations on Creighton's campus. This is proving quite evident as a number of Sig Eps hold leadership roles on campus, ranging from CUBAC Presidents and executives to past Student Body Presidents. Each year, Sig Eps are leaders in many clubs, University Committees, government organizations, and varsity sports.

A number of activities, including intramural athletics, brotherhood events, and our pledge program enhance our bond of brotherhood. Athletics provide a way for brothers to unite in competition (Sigma Phi Epsilon traditionally has intramural teams that place high in the all-university ranking). Additionally, the brothers often come together for brotherhood events like softball and BBQs, and the brotherhood that is experienced during the pledge program is unparalleled.

In addition to following our cardinal principles, Sig Ep promotes an occasional release from a demanding college education by hosting theme date parties, formals, and alumni events. Sig Ep can provide one with all aspects of college life. It is under this premise that we develop balanced men.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is only as strong as the men who comprise it. The diversity and qualities of these men create a brotherhood that is second to none. We wish you success in all that your Greek experience entails and invite you to learn more about our brotherhood.