Words and Terms to know...

The world of Fraternities and Sororities can be a little confusing, especially for new students and their families.  Between all the Alphas, Sigmas, Gammas, and Epsilons, there is a whole new language that Creighton Greek Community members learn. Here are a few terms that will help you understand Greek life and recruitment a little bit better.

Alumna: An initiated member of a sorority who is no longer in college.

Badge: The  pin of an initiated member. 

Bid: A formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority.

Chapter: The local group of an (inter)national fraternity or sorority.

Dues: The fees for sorority or fraternity membership.

Formal Recruitment: The period set aside for Greek membership selection.

Fraternity: The name applied to Greek organizations, including women's groups.  Informally, it refers to men's groups.

IFC: The Inter-Fraterity Council.  IFC is the governing board for the men's fraternity system.

Initiated member: A person who has been initiated into lifelong sorority or fraternity membership and is currently in college.

Initiation: The formal ceremony during which a new member takes the final vows for full membership into a Greek organization. 

(Inter)national: The central organization (headquarters) of an individual Greek organization.

Legacy: A person whose relative was a member of a certain Greek organization.

CBFO: Culturally Based Fraternal Organizations.

New Member: A member of a sorority or fraternity who is not yet initiated. 

NIC: The  North-American Interfraternity Conference.  A national organization composed of 72 men's fraternities.

NPC: The National Panhellenic Conference.  A national organization composed of the 26 (inter)nationally recognized women's fraternities.

Panhel/PHC : The Panhellenic Council. PHC is the governing board for   sororities.  The word "Panhellenic" means "All Greek."

Philanthropy: An event to raise funds for a  charity or service project sponsored by individual chapters. 

Pledge Term: A period of learning about sorority and fraternity life prior to initiation. 

Potential New Member: An undergraduate collegiate who participates in recruitment.

Quota: A specified number of potential new members to which each sorority may extend a bid during the Formal Recruitment period .

Recruitment Mentor: (Rho Mu) A collegiate woman who is available to answer any questions a potential new member may have about recruitment.  As a representative of the Panhellenic Council, she has disaffiliated from her chapter proceeding and during the formal recruitment period.