Delta Delta Delta

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Delta Delta Delta President:
Anna West

In 1888, at Boston University, a very influential woman decided that she wanted to be a part of something more than just the regular college experience. Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond decided to found Delta Delta Delta, a sorority where their main focus and motto was and remains, "Let us steadfastly love one another."

Delta Delta Delta was brought to Creighton University in 2010 and since has carried out its three main tenants. Tri Delta works to promote sisterhood amongst its members, to emphasize scholarship, and to support their philanthropy in every way.

Tri Delta has a philanthropy partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital which is located in Memphis Tennessee. Delta Delta Delta works to raise money for the research that St. Jude supports, and they also focus on helping those patients who remain in the hospital with events like their "Promise A Prom Dress Drive."

Scholarship is a large part of Tri Delta's focus here at Creighton University, and programs like our Tri Delta Mentor-Mentee program both promote sisterhood and unity among our members and aim to help those sisters who want to excel academically.

Date parties, Semi-Formals, and Formal Dances also build that sisterhood component while allowing for a great time to relax, dance, and hang out with sisters and their dates!

Tri Delta's colors are silver, gold, and cerulean blue. Our symbol is the pearl and our flower is the pansy. Our mascot is the dolphin. Delta Delta Delta is a fraternity founded in strong ideals and morals, which continue to radiate through it's 139 chapters across the nation and in Canada. Tri Delta was established by exceptional women, and continues to thrive because of the inspiring, driven, and poised women that maintain its chapters today. For more information please visit