PHC Executive Council

The Panhel Executive Council hosts regular meetings, coordinates recruitment and community programming, and plans the All-Greek Philanthropy Dance Marathon in consultation with the member sororities.


President: Kenzie Pavlik
Input - Woo - Achiever - Empathy - Include

President-Elect: Izzy Senechal
Strategic - Intellection - Input - Learner - Maximizer

VP of Judicial Affairs:Rachel Bryant
Harmony - Individualization - Arranger - Deliberative - Focus

VP of Membership:Emily Pass
Competition - Achiever - Input - Intellection - Learner

VP of Mission and Service: Liz Maynard
Command - Communication - Restorative - Achiever - Competition

VP of Public Relations: Abby Sandoz

VP of Finance: Maddie Gage

VP of Administration:Bailey Hassman
Learner - Restorative - Individualization - Achiever - Activator

VP of Scholarship and Programming: Betsy Shevik