EQV: A Men's Development Program

Esse Quam Videri: A Men?s Development Program at Creighton (EQV) is a program that seeks to help men at Creighton deepen their understanding of masculinity, both individually and within a societal context.  Additionally, the program seeks to build strong collaboration between various professional units at Creighton University, in hopes that a diverse perspective will enhance the student experience. Inspired by the Wareham Program, which was designed to develop leaders among our collegiate women, EQV strives to do the same for men.  Recognizing the challenges that men face in our society, EQV has three learning outcomes, which are mere building blocks to lifelong male identity development:

  1. Participants should develop strong relationships with one another and with facilitators.
  2. Participants should develop a working knowledge and understanding of key issues regarding masculinity, including male privilege, misperceptions of masculinity, and patriarchy.
  3. Participants should develop strategies to apply the knowledge they gain upon completion of the program.

The program will last for five sessions, and is structured in a seminar and dialogue-based format.  The first week will serve as an overview of the program and the model framework; each of the following four sessions will explore a unique question relevant to participants? development.

Ultimately, the program exists to help college males better understand who they are and what role they play in a communal and global context.  While the program cannot and does not seek to alleviate the potential stresses caused by realizations of privilege, it is designed to allow students to reflect on and respond to the challenges presented by challenges created by patriarchy.  This work is complicated, but EQV will be a stepping stone for further personal and leadership development.

Please contact Joey Kimes in the Student Activities Office for more information.