Wareham Program: Women Who Lead

The Wareham Program is a women's leadership program and is open to all women students on campus. It is a partnership between the Student Activities Office and the Lieben Center for Women. The program will help women feel more empowered to be successful in school, career, and home life. This is a five-week program in which we will cover a history of women?s leadership in our country and culture, learn about our own leadership styles, and hear from women from the Creighton and Omaha communities to learn how they have become successful leaders in their areas of specialty. The program is offered once each semester. Please contact Margaret Zimmer if you are interested in enrolling or would like more information. 

The Wareham Program is named for our female founders, Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Wareham Creighton. These sisters married the Creighton brothers and had a tremendous impact on the foundation of our university. They serve as a wonderful example of how women's leadership can leave a lasting legacy in our society.

The learning objectives for this program are:

  1. Students will analyze and learn about the history of women in our country.
  2. Students will learn about their own leadership style and how their gender may impact the ways others view them in leadership positions.
  3. Students will develop knowledge of how to be successful and confident in their professional area(s).

Wareham Leadership Program from DSL Creative Suite on Vimeo.