Magis Ambassadors

Mission Statement

Magis Ambassadors is a leadership organization designed to project an exceptional image of the student body at Creighton University. We recognize that excellent social and communication skills are a valuable asset to students. Through this leadership organization, we will provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their leadership skills, fine-tune communication styles, and promote service to others and to self. Magis Ambassadors will help to provide distinguished representatives of Creighton University to the campus and community.

The Magis Ambassador Role in the Creighton Community

Our objective is to project a positive image through the Magis Ambassadors, and in doing so, provide an exceptional face of the student body at Creighton University. The campus, including other student organizations, academic departments, and university administrators, has the opportunity to utilize Magis Ambassadors to represent the Creighton community at their various events and activities. For example, past events that Magis Ambassadors have worked include:

  • Welcoming Visitors to campus

  • Dinners with Father Lannon

  • Alumni Weekend
  • Founders Week Activities
  • The Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • Majors and Minors Fair
  • Career Fair
  • Shoo The Flu