The Student Leadership & Involvement Center has gone paperless!! All forms can now be found the Student Leadership & Involvement Center's CU Involved site:

Exception: The event form is located on YOUR organization's site!

Electronic Forms:

The following form should be submitted via CU Involved. You must be logged into CU Involved in order to access them. A paper copy does not need to be submitted to the Student Leadership & Involvement Center. The forms will be reviewed online and you will be notified through CU Involved when they are approved.

Event Form

  • Located on your organization's CU Involved page on the left hand side
    • Go to your organization's site (must be a member)
    • Go to Events
    • Create a new event
  • Used when a student organization is planning an event either on or off campus
  • Events include speakers, fundraisers, entertainers, panels, Greek events, etc.
  • Events in which a student organization will be traveling.
  • Fundraisers include letter campaigns, working at soccer concessions, selling apparel for a profit, an event/competition to raise money for an organization, etc. (Must be turned in two weeks prior to the fundraiser)
  • If you have a contact associated with an event, it must be uploaded to this form for approval by the Director of the Student Leadership & Involvement Center (student organizations cannot sign contracts per change in University policy)
  • Additional information for completing this for is located here.

Travel Request Form

  • Student organizations wishing to travel need to submit an Travel Request through an Event Form.
  • For information on how to access this information please follow the directions above regarding the Event Form.
  • When submitting the Event Form, please be sure to click the button that says "travel."
  • All travel must be submitted through the form for approval. Please allow 2-3 weeks for approval.

T-Shirt and Merchandise Form

  • Used whenever an organization designs a t-shirt or other merchandise item (Design must be turned in two weeks prior to printing date)
  • If the item is associated with an event then the organization should only submit the Event Form (there will be a link to upload the design)

Pepsi Donated Product Request

  • This is a request for donated Pepsi products. Product is available on a first come, first serve basis
  • All requests can be made on the Skutt Student Center CU Involved forms page
  • Requests must be placed a minimum of 16 days prior to the event
  • Pepsi must be recognized at your event
    • Acknowledgement in a program, by hanging a Pepsi banner, etc...

Annual Activity Report

  • Should be turned in at the end of each academic year
  • It is a short report that asks organizations to report on their fundraising, service hours, and events for the academic year that is ending

Annual Registration Form

  • Should submitted when new officers are elected (either on a calendar or academic year basis)
  • Form lists president and moderator contact information
  • Lists all officers with their netIDs; this is so we can do grade and discipline checks
  • The link to this form is located on your organization's CU Involved page.

New Student Organization Application Form

  • Application form for creating a new student organization

Leadership Education Grant Application

  • All designated funding has been allocated for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please seek other resources for assistance. - Limited funds are available for student clubs to apply for assistance to attend conferences where leadership education will be one of the main areas addressed at the conference.

Involvement Grant Application

  • Limited funds are available for students involved in clubs to apply for assistance to aid in their participation in a club. The Involvement Grant is designed assist students with the cost of dues for their club. 

Request for Fraternity/Sorority Member Grades

  • Used when fraternities and sororities need to request grade and GPA information about their chapters and member

International Travel Notification Form

  • All students traveling Internationally (and Domestic) need to fill out the event form on their organizations CU Involved page. Please see the top of this page for instructions on how to fill out the event form.

Leadership Workshop Request Form

  • Check out the Leadership Workshop site and fill out the request form to request a workshop for your organization

Request to Serve Alcohol on Campus

  • Use this form for events that will have alcohol present on campus where students will be present

Sound System Request Form

  • Use this form to request the CSU sound system. It is located on CSU's CU Involved page, under the forms section.

Making a t-shirt or other merchandise?

Check out a list of sweatshop-free vendors compiled by Residence Life!

Need to create a mailing list or listserv?

Check out the DoIT site for instructions about how to apply for a list.

Van and Shuttle Reservations

Visit the Shuttle Services website to request vans or shuttles for your student organization. Rental fees apply.